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IAEG 50 - 50 Years of Irish-type Zn-Pb Deposits

It is believed that it was in August 1977, at a meeting of the IAEG held in Athlone to receive a presentation on the Silvermines orebodies that the term ”Irish-type Zn-Pb deposit” was first coined. Since then, the term has found advocates across the globe to describe Zn-Pb mineralization lying between the end members of CD- and MVT-type and generally believed to have formed in the syndiagenetic environment at relatively shallow depths. It has also been stated that the Irish Midlands contain more zinc metal per square kilometre than anywhere else on the planet, and so it seems entirely appropriate that the theme of the IAEG’s 50th Anniversary Celebratory Conference should be Irish-type deposits around the world.

The Conference will yield a major seminal publication on Irish-type Zn-Pb deposits from around the world, with papers and presentations on such deposits in Alaska, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Gabon, Greenland, India, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia as well as, of course, the major exemplars from the Irish Midlands. In addition, a number of internationally renowned authorities on Irish-type deposits will also present overview papers.

The Conference will be held over two and a half days (8th – 10th September 2023) at the Galway Bay Hotel, in Galway in the beautiful west of Ireland and will have a range of opportunities to meet geologists from around the world working on these fascinating deposits, to see exhibitions of core from many of the Irish deposits and to enjoy Ireland’s renowned hospitality.

What Was Included?

  •  3 days of conference sessions
  •  Core Shack
  • Trade displays
  • Welcome pack
  • Copy of ~750 page hard case Conference Volume
  • Tea & coffee breaks
  • Ice Breaker Reception 
  • Buffet lunches 


The Irish Association for Economic Geology (“IAEG”) is Ireland’s leading geological body representing geologists working on ore deposits and in mining and exploration. In 2023 the organization will celebrate its 50th Anniversary by hosting this major international conference on Irish-type Zn-Pb deposits with the hope of bringing together geoscientists from around the world together with geologists engaged in exploration and from the mines in Ireland and overseas.

Over the past 50 years the IAEG has published several major conference volumes including:-

“Geology & Genesis of Mineral Deposits in Ireland” in 1986

“The Irish Minerals Industry 1980- 1990” in 1992

“Europe’s Major Mineral Deposits” in 2003 

“Current Perspectives on Zinc Deposits” in 2015

Additionally, the IAEG published a two-volume set of extended abstracts entitled:-“Digging Deeper” for the SGA Ninth Biennial Meeting held in Dublin in 2007. Liaising with the SEG, the IAEG also compiled the “SEG Guidebook to Irish Carbonate Hosted Zn-Pb Deposits” in 1995.

Papers and Speakers


KEYNOTE Mike Russell - On Irish Bacteriometallogenesis and its Wider Connotations 

Pat Redmond - Irish-type deposits in the context of Global Zinc Supply

Peter Wojcik - Zinc Supply and Influences from Geology.

Neal Reynolds, Mark Allen, Peter Muhling & Charlie Gianfriddol - Global Irish –Diversity of the Diaspora.

John Ashton, Colin Andrew & Murray Hitzman - Irish Type Zn-Pb Deposits - What Are They & Can We Find More?

Jamie Wilkinson - Tracing metals from source to sink in Irish-Type Zn-Pb(-Ba-Ag) deposits.


Colin Andrew - Irish Zn-Pb deposits - a review of the evidence for the timing of mineralization - Constraints of stratigraphy and basin development

Gerry Stanley & Colin Andrew - Irish but not Irish-type

Drew Drummond, Rob Blakeman, John Ashton, Ian Farrelly, Jonathan Cloutier, Lola Yesares & Adrian Boyce - Ore depositional processes at the carbonate-hosted Tara Deep Zn-Pb deposit, Navan, Ireland

Lola Yesares, L., Julian Menuge, Rob Blakeman, John Ashton, Adrian Boyce, Dave Coller, Drew Drummond & Ian Farrelly - Pyritic mineralization halo above the Tara Deep Zn-Pb deposit, Navan, Ireland: Evidence for sub-seafloor exhalative hydrothermal processes?

Dave Blaney & Edmond Coffey - The volcano-stratigraphic setting of the Pallas Green Zn-Pb deposit, Co Limerick

Paul Slezak, Eoin Dunlevy, Danny Hnatyshyn, Hilde Koch, Mark Holdstock & Murray Hitzman - A review of the Limerick Igneous Suite: Links to base-metal mineralization in the SW Irish Orefield

John Guven, Koen Torremans, Sean Johnson & Murray Hitzman - The Rathdowney Trend, Ireland: Geological evolution and controls on Zn-Pb mineralization

Eoin Dunlevy, Koen Torremans, Mark Holdstock & Murray Hitzman - The structural framework of the Gortdrum Cu deposit, Co. Tipperary

Barry Murphy, Lars Dahlenborg, Mike Hudson & Glenn Morgan - A mineral system approach to the Clare Basin – integration of seismic and potential field processing with drilling data at Kilbricken deposit and beyond

Gary Buchanan, Caroline Burden, Michael Absolom & Arpit Gole - A machine learning approach to geological modelling of an Irish-type Zn-Pb deposit


Sophie Decrée, Alicia Van Ham-Meert, Jean-Marc Baele, Olivier Namur, Etienne Deloule & Christian Marignac - Irish-type deposits in Tunisia: a new perspective to assign the Pb-Zn deposits of the Nefza District


Colin Andrew - The Sedmochislenitsi Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag deposit, NW Bulgaria: Could it be Irish-type? A review of the evidence

Licia Santoro, Maria Boni, Francesco Putzolu & Nicola Mondillo - Base-metals sulphides and barite in the Palaeozoic of SW Sardinia: from tectonically deformed SedEx and Irish-type deposits to post-Variscan hydrothermal karst and vein ores

Frank Melcher, Viktor Bertrandsson Erlandsson, Veronika Gartner, Elisabeth Henjes-Kunst, Johann Raith, Gerd Rantitsch, Peter Onuk, Friedhelm Henjes-Kunst, Barbara Potočnik Krajnc & Aleš Šoster - Carbonate-hosted “Alpine-type” Zn-Pb deposits in the Eastern and Southern Alps – trace element geochemistry and isotopic data of sulphides

Fernando Tornos, Lluis Boixet, Maria Zaparain, Luis Perez & Fidel Ribera - The Zn-Pb-rich belt of NW Iberia. Syn-tectonic stratabound mineralization?


Shubhabrata Mukhopadhyay - Dolomite hosted zinc-lead deposits of Zawar, Aravalli Supergroup, Udaipur district, Rajasthan, India

Abdorrahman Rajabi, Pouria Mahmoodi, Ebrahim Rastad, Carles Canet, Pura Alfonso, Shojaedin Niroomand, Ali Yarmohammadi, Hamid Peernajmodin, & Zahra Akbari - An introduction to Irish-type Zn-Pb deposits in early Cretaceous carbonate rocks of Iran

Pouria Mahmoodi, Jan M. Peter, Abdorrahman Rajabi & Ebrahim Rastad - Geological and textural characteristics as evidence for Irish-type mineralization in the Eastern Haft-Savaran deposit, Iran

Ghazaleh Khan Mohammadi. Abdorrahman Rajabi, Shojaedin Niroomand, Pouria Mahmoodi, Carles Canet & Pura Alfonso - Carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb-Cu-Ba mineralization in the Mehdiabad deposit, Iran: New insights, new discoveries

Lingli Zhou, Yi Zheng, Xiaoxia Duan, Yumiao Meng, Peng-peng Yu, Zhanke Li, Suofei Xiong, Fan Xiao, Yongbin Wang & Jiaxi Zhou - Carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposits in China: a review of the geological characteristics and genesis


James Conliffe, Dan Kontak, Chaneil Wallace & Elizabeth Turner - Sedimentary-hosted Zn-Pb deposits of the Maritimes Basin, Atlantic Canada: Comparison with Irish-type, MVT and SedEx deposit models

Sarah Gleeson & Joe Magnall - Fraternal twins or distant cousins? Comparing and contrasting the Red Dog and Irish Midlands Orefields

Dan Kontak, Suzanne Paradis, Zach Waller & Mostafa Fayek - Mineralogical and chemical characterization of Mississippi Valley-type mineralization in British Colombia and Alberta, Canada: Implications for ore-forming processes

Chaneil J. Wallace, Daniel J. Kontak & Elizabeth C. Turner - Anomalous SedEx mineralization at the Walton Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu carbonate -hosted sulphide deposit (Nova Scotia, Canada): result of hydrocarbons?


Paul McDermott - What has zinc ever done for us?”– A look at zinc’s contribution to the Irish economy

Eoin McGrath - The GSI over the past 50 years

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