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    • 09/10/2019
    • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Radisson Blue Hotel, Dublin Airport, Dublin
    • 44

    Brought to you in association with Grinding Solutions Ltd 

    The mining industry generally sees the evaluation of lower grade, and more heterogeneous and

    complex deposits. In this context, geometallurgy seeks to integrate geoscientific disciplines with

    minerals and mining engineering. It aims to understand orebody variability, underpinned by

    characterisation data such as mineralogy, geochemistry, grade and physical rock properties obtained

    from spatially distributed samples.

    Geometallurgy is an important addition to any project evaluation or mining operation. As a

    discipline, it seeks to maximise the Net Present Value of an orebody, while minimising technical and

    operational risk. It also aims to promote sustainable development by ensuring that all stages of

    extraction are performed in an optimal manner from a technical, environmental and social

    perspective. Geometallurgical practice improves stakeholder collaboration and communication,

    creating an environment for knowledge sharing and improved data acquisition. The end result, is the

    integration of data into 3D models to optimise mine planning and scheduling. These aspects create

    better business optimisation, utilisation of staff and targeted and realistic key performance


    The objective of this seminar is to introduce attendees to the concept of geometallurgy and

    emphasise the importance of early stage ore/waste characterisation programmes.

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