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    • 08/09/2023
    • 8:45 AM
    • 10/09/2023
    • 5:00 PM
    • Galway Bay Hotel, County Galway, Ireland

    It is believed that it was in August 1977, at a meeting of the IAEG held in Athlone to receive a presentation on the Silvermines orebodies that the term ”Irish-type Zn-Pb deposit” was first coined. Since then, the term has found advocates across the globe to describe Zn-Pb mineralization lying between the end members of CD- and MVT-type and generally believed to have formed in the syndiagenetic environment at relatively shallow depths. It has also been stated that the Irish Midlands contain more zinc metal per square kilometre than anywhere else on the planet, and so it seems entirely appropriate that the theme of the IAEG’s 50th Anniversary Celebratory Conference should be Irish-type deposits around the world.

    The Conference will yield a major seminal publication on Irish-type Zn-Pb deposits from around the world, with papers and presentations on such deposits in Alaska, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Gabon, Greenland, India, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, and Tunisia as well as, of course, the major exemplars  from the Irish Midlands. In addition, a number of internationally renowned authorities on Irish-type deposits will also present overview papers.

    The Conference will be held over two and a half days (8th – 10th September 2023) at the Galway Bay Hotel, in Galway in the beautiful west of Ireland and will have a range of opportunities to meet geologists from around the world working on these fascinating deposits, to see exhibitions of core from many of the Irish deposits and to enjoy Ireland’s renowned hospitality.


    The Irish Association for Economic Geology (“IAEG”) is Ireland’s leading geological body representing geologists working on ore deposits and in mining and exploration. In 2023 the organization will celebrate its 50th Anniversary by hosting this major international conference on Irish-type Zn-Pb deposits with the hope of bringing together geoscientists from around the world together with geologists engaged in exploration and from the mines in Ireland and overseas.

    Over the past 50 years the IAEG has published several major conference volumes including:-

    “Geology & Genesis of Mineral Deposits in Ireland” in 1986

    “The Irish Minerals Industry 1980-1990” in 1992

    “Europe’s Major Mineral Deposits” in 2003

    “Current Perspectives on Zinc Deposits” in 2015

    Additionally, the IAEG published a two-volume set of extended abstracts entitled “Digging Deeper” for the SGA Ninth Biennial Meeting held in Dublin in 2007. Liaising with the SEG the IAEG also compiled the “SEG Guidebook to Irish Carbonate Hosted Zn-Pb Deposits” in 1995.

    Papers offered for the Conference to date:

    M. Russell (Milan, Italy ) - Keynote on the importance of Irish-type Deposits

    J. Ashton (Boliden), C. Andrew (Consultant) & M. Hitzman (ICRAG) - What are Irish-type deposits?

    C. Andrew (Consultant) - Timing of mineralization in Ireland

    A. Boyce (SUERC, Glasgow) - Stable isotopes in Irish deposits

    J. Wilkinson (NHM, London) - Fluids in Irish-type deposits

    N. Reynolds (CSA Global, Vancouver) - Worldwide Irish-type deposits

    I. Farrelly et al (Boliden) - Geology of the Tara Deeps Project

    E. McGrath & G. Stanley (GSI, Dublin) - GSI over the past 50 years

    E. Doyle & J. Güven (ICRAG) - Galmoy & Lisheen Deposits (Rathdowney Trend)

    N. Dupras (Glencore, Toronto) – The Pallas Green Prospect

    M. Allen (CSA Global, Vancouver) - Cadjebut, Australia

    P. Lusty (BGS, Keyworth) - Importance of Zinc and the Zinc market

    M. Hitzman (ICRAG) - Copper in Irish deposits (Gortdrum, Mallow, Aherlow)

    D. Blaney (BRG Consultants) - Irish but not Irish-type (Kildare prospects)

    K. Torremans (ICRAG) - Ballinalack & Keel deposits (Irish North Midlands)

    P. McDermott (DCCAE, Dublin) - Impact of zinc mining in Ireland

    S. Paradis (GSC, Vancouver) - Kootenay Arc and British Columbia

    S. Gleeson & J. Magnall (GFZ, Potsdam) – Macmillan Pass and Red Dog

    F. Tornos et al (CSIC, Madrid) - The enigmatic Cambrian limestone hosted Zn-Pb deposits of northern Spain

    L. Palinkas (PMF, Zagreb) - The St. Jacob Pb-Zn deposit, Dinaric Platform

    N. Reynolds (CSA Global, Vancouver) - Kanchanaburi, Thailand

    Pouria, M. X.  (Tehran) Geology mineralization, S isotope and fluid inclusion study of the Eastern Haft-Savaran deposit, Iran

    S. Decree (Natural Sciences, Belgium) – North African (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria)

    M. Boni (Naples, Italy) – Sardinia

    J. Conliffe & D. Kontak (Newfoundland and Laurentian, Canada) – Canadian Maritimes

    D. Hnatyshin (ICRAG) - Os Isotopic dating of Irish deposits

    K. Torremans (ICRAG) – 3-D Modelling of the Irish Midlands

    M. Allen (CSA Global, Vancouver) – Duddar, Pakistan

    D-F. Li & Y-H. Hong (CUGB, Beijing) – Dengiashan, China

    R. Rajabi (Tehran) - Irish-type Zn-Pb deposits in Early Cretaceous carbonate rocks of Iran

    S. Mukhopadhyay (Rajastan, India) - Zawar District, India

    With many others in the pipeline!

    Why should I attend?

    For any industry explorationist or academic researcher working on Zn-Pb deposits this conference will enable an unparalleled opportunity to listen to and meet many of the geologists that first identified and described Irish-type deposits and those researchers actively working on the deposits to the present day. This 2½ day conference provides a forum to meet in person and network, as well as the opportunity to learn and share experiences in this exciting and multi-disciplinary field of research activity.

    The call is open for abstracts for consideration to present at IAEG 50. 

    Abstracts of up to 250 words are especially welcome for consideration by the Editorial Committee for inclusion in the conference volume and for oral presentation. If accepted a full paper will be required by mid-May 2023.

    Topics, amongst others, could include:

    •  Descriptions of mineralized bodies of Irish-type affinity;
    •  Stable isotopic and fluid inclusion studies on Zn-Pb ore deposits.
    •  Studies on the regional sedimentological and structural controls to Zn-Pb (Cu) mineralization.
    • Comparative studies of ore districts.

    Please send your abstract for consideration by the editorial committee to by the 1st February 2023.

    We look forward to welcoming you to Galway!

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