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              The David Hall Mineral Exploration Fund


The David Hall Mineral Exploration Fund has been established by David Hall’s family, friends, and colleagues as a way of celebrating and continuing David’s passion for mineral exploration; allowing new, young graduate geologists and researchers to have exposure to field-based exploration activity.

David graduated with BA Honors in Geology from Trinity College Dublin in 1981 and a MSc in Mineral Exploration at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario in 1984–85. David then worked as an economic geologist over a 40-year career spending his early years in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, living in Egypt and Turkey where two of his children were born. While at Minorco, he was the Chief Geologist for Central & Eastern Europe & Middle East based out of Hungary from 1993-1997. He moved to South America with his family in 1997 and became Exploration Manager South America for AngloGold before establishing numerous junior exploration and development companies from 2000 onwards. His passion for exploration and discovery based on field work was renowned and he inspired many economic geologists during his fruitful career.

David passed away suddenly in August 2023. He still had much to give to those around him and the mineral exploration industry in general, however he has left a positive legacy. The David Hall Mineral Exploration Fund is designed to give new graduate economic geologists a start in field-based exploration mapping projects in Ireland or overseas.  This was an area that David was passionate about and he believed it was fundamental that the next generation of economic geologists should get direct “boots-on-the-ground” field experience.

Rational for the Fund                                                                                    

Minerals and mining have been a fundamental backbone of society over thousands of years, and the future demand for metals to meet the various goals for the green energy transition cannot be met without new mineral discoveries. Years of declining geological field training at universities around the world have put the quest to find new mineral resources at risk. David was a strong believer that although new technologies (such as AI, machine learning, etc.) could benefit the search for new mineral resources; the key was developing the next generation(s) of exploration geologists with solid field experience who understand how the earth works and how and where to apply these new technologies based on fundamental field knowledge. The Fund aims to provide financial assistance for young geoscientists interested in pursuing a career in mineral exploration to undertake field related studies. In doing so the fund aims to inspire the future, passionate generation(s) of mineral discoverer’s similar to how David greatly inspired all those who worked around him.  

Structure of the Fund

The Fund will be affiliated with the Irish Association of Economic Geology (IAEG).  It will have a set of articles that govern how the Fund can operate and be governed and will be managed by the Fund Committee.

It is planned that Fund will award up to four Bursaries per year to selected geology students to assist with Irish and overseas field programmes (the number of bursaries to be determined once the initial fundraise amount is known).

The bursaries will be selected and awarded in March-April on an annual basis to link in with academic timelines where appropriate. The successful recipients should be prepared to meet with and outline their projects to members of the Hall family in Dublin.

The Fund will use a dedicated  IAEG bank account with funds advanced as approved by the Fund Committee.

The Hall Fund will then provide the IAEG with an annual list of bursaries that are to be paid from the dedicated ring-fenced funds.

The IAEG will provide a statement of funds ringfenced within the IAEG account on a 6-monthly basis.

The Fund will provide a short annual summary of its activities with a summary financial statement.

If you would like to contribute to The David Hall Mineral Exploration Fund, please make transfers to the account details below.

REF: The David Hall Mineral Exploration Fund (NAME OF DONATOR)
IBAN: IE27BOFI90001745611147


Sort Code: 90-00-17

Account Number: 45611147

Account Address: 89 Watson Drive, Killiney, Co. Dublin, Ireland, A96H1X0

Bank Name: Bank of Ireland

Bank Address: 2 College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland, D02VR66

Account Currency Type: Euro

Thank you for your support and updates will be provided as the Fund develops.